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3 months ago
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Hi, it’s been ages, but I’m here to drop by and ruin u all
5 months ago
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6 months ago
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This was for 2/22, have some Nyan SetoMary..!///
6 months ago
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So…sorry for inactivity bUT THank you for everyone’s patience..!//
8 months ago
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Hey ho-!
Here’s Mary crying and covering her face in shame cos the admins are so lazy lol OTLThank you for your continuous support of this crazy blog and the amazing 1000 follows! * 0 *
9 months ago
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— Kagepro CF 2013 D2 Meetup update!

Hey kiddies!

Apologies for the late reply ;;; I just came back from the event // 

Here are the details for the meetup! 

When: 2:30pm

Where: In the basic artbooth area, the wall across from booth A-6 (Fat Fairy)

There will be a Lemongrab (Adventure Time) cosplay at that booth so you can’t miss it! I’ll be hanging around by the wall around that time (will be shota Makoto with pin badges around my tag tomorrow, i might hold up a sign) and we’ll see where we can find a place to sit around and chat <3

Hope to see you guys /// 

9 months ago
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— Kagepro Comic Fiesta ‘13 Meetup!

So I noticed.. we got a few people interested the meetup. This is my first time doing something like this so bear with me <3;;; 


When: 22nd Dec 2013 (CF Day 2)

Time: 2:30pm (I’m not really sure how long meet ups goes on for usually lol;;;)

Where to meet: (TBA but possibly one of the booths in the basic artbooth area?)

I’ll be attending CF for both days and will be walking around to look for a good place for the meetup. And will update once I get back after the event on Saturday so stay tune guys! 

I’ll be going as derpMary (I’ll be having an artbooth tag around my neck, with pin some badges on. Will be having awesome Seto, Shin and Aya with me!) on D1 if anyone would want to say hi! don’t worry i dont bite! i’ll give you doodles and shota Makoto on D2 (in which I will be carrying a sign that says Kagepro meetup!) 

Details are subject to change so check back time to time! <3

Thanks so much for reading you guys! /// Hope to see you guys there~

9 months ago
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Hey kiddies! 
Just a heads up~
Any fellow fans attending Comic Fiesta 2013 in Malaysia would be interested in attending a meetup? I could try and plan something if theres enough interest &lt;3 Do let me know by replying to this post.
10 months ago
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10 months ago
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Happy Birthday Ayano-nee